Monday, September 9, 2013

Leather Belts to Wrap Bracelets

My husband's grandmother gave me a box full of belts a few months ago, and after picking out a few to use for crafts, I saved a few favorites for myself. The only problem is, Grandma must have been a size 0 when she wore them (which I certainly am not!) because they were tiiiiiiny! Most of them found their way into my craft room to be refashioned later, but I held onto this cute yellow skinny belt for myself, thinking I could make it work...that is until I tried to force said size 0 skinny belt onto my size 6 waist and it broke.

But when life hands you lemons and broken belts, you make jewelry!

So grab a few skinny belts from your closet (or from your local thrift store) and lets make some leather wrap bracelets.

SUPPLIES: leather belts (preferably skinny belts), scissors, leather punch or Crop-o-dile.

ONE: wrap your belt around your wrist until you're happy with the bracelet size, leaving some extra for the tail.
TWO: cut that bad boy.
THREE: use your leather punch or Crop-o-dile to punch holes in your bracelet to make it adjustable.

Now make a bunch! I bet you could find a ton of fun prints and colors at a thrift store. I'm hoping to find some neon or metallic belts to make into bracelets next.

Enjoy your new jewelry!

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  1. Love how it looks! I don't think I'll have any skinny belts left after I start with this craft, haha!

  2. Great idea! I've got some old belts that have been waiting for inspiration...Thanks!
    Found you at Moonlight and Masons Linky party! =) Come visit me at

  3. So cute! Guess I need to check out the belts next time I'm at the thrift store.

  4. Nice! I have some braided skinny belt that might be perfect for this! Thanks for the idea! :D

  5. Wonderful post! you showed a really cool way of wearing belts
    thanks for sharing. lots of love deer


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