Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tips: Keep Bugs Out of Your Sandbox

This summer is the first time we've gotten our kids a sandbox and it was an instant hit. The first day we set it up, we couldn't drag them away from it. After we were done playing, we covered the sandbox with a lid and went to bed. The next day when we went outside, the sandbox was full of bugs! Let me tell you, it's no fun to dig a bunch of itty bitty bugs out of a sandbox with a tiny shovel. I'm sure many of you have the same problem if you have a sandbox, and no one wants to spend every day digging bugs out of the sand. Luckily, I have a fun little trick that works wonders for bug-filled sandboxes, AND you probably already have it in your pantry....


You may be skeptical, but trust me it works! On top of having numerous health benefits like reducing LDL cholesterol levels, cinnamon is also a natural bug repellent. Just sprinkle liberally (and I mean very liberally) into the sand and mix and no more bugs!

 On top of getting rid of all the pests, it leaves the sandbox (and your little ones' toes) smelling amazing. I won't promise that it'll keep every bug out of your sandbox, but we've seen a huge improvement since we started sprinkling in cinnamon.

You can buy large bottles of cinnamon at Sam's Club pretty inexpensively. Better yet, check your local Dollar Store. I hope this little tip helps you as much as it did for me! Here are a few other unexpected uses for cinnamon.

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  1. What a great tip! When I read "cinnamon" I instantly thought how nice the kids must smell after playing in the sandbox, haha!

  2. What a GREAT tip!!!! Thank you for sharing! Visiting from Think Pink Sunday.

  3. Wow, that's awesome. So good to know! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Great tip! Pinned and shared on my facebook page:) Some one just told me ants wont cross cinnamon! Haven't tried it yet:) I posted anchor dress to Ginger Snap:)

  5. Oh my gosh, I really hope it works for us. I too just go my 7 yr old her first sandbox, and these tiny jumping yellow bugs (fleas?) have taken over. Can't wait to try this, thank you!

  6. I can't wait to try it! I hate all those bugs in the sandbox! I have to
    check it everyday before the kids start to play in there!


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