Monday, September 16, 2013

Scoop Top

Have you ever had a project that just sat on your craft table, waiting for months to be made? That's what happened with this Scoop Top. When Kristin of Skirt As Top posted a tutorial and free pattern for her Scoop Top in April, I got excited and printed out the pattern in anticipation of making one or ten of them right away. And then the poor pattern sat on my craft table taunting me for months when I got caught up with other things.

One day as I was enjoying my bi-weekly rummage of the remnant bin at JoAnn Fabrics, I found the perfect fabric that I knew had to be made into a Scoop Top, probably because it looks almost exactly like the fabric Kristin used for hers? I snapped it up for under 2 dollars and got to work!

Kristin's pattern is right on! I love the slight curved hem on the bottom, and the length is pretty perfect too. Since the knit fabric doesn't fray, I decided to save some time (read: lazy ;) and leave the sleeve and hems raw. One of these days I'll actually invest in a double needle, but for now I'm happy to use my walking foot or just skip hemming all together :)

I can see this shirt getting a lot of wear this fall! I can't wait to make more. I'm thinking long sleeves...

Have you made a Scoop Top yet? Go do it!

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  1. super cute! I am pinning so I can head over and print out that pattern. I'm trying to be better about sewing for myself and this looks like a good one!! Emily @ nap-timecreations


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