Friday, October 19, 2012

LIVE: Weekly Photo Wrap-Up

1. Pumpkins 2. Tasty pumpkin cookies
3. Falling leaves. 4. Playing in the leaves
5. Homemade Amish donuts 6. Connor and the gourd
7. Chicken at the farm 8. Arr, matey!

It has been a very eventful past 2 weeks! I've been enjoying the many fall festivals in the area (which is where most of the pictures above are from) and preparing for Halloween soon. As Shannon mentioned last week, the best part of the past 2 weeks is when we welcomed a new little nephew, Flynn, into the world (you might remember the Welcome Little Deer Baby Shower we threw him recently.)

My week got even better though when, the very next day, I welcomed my second nephew, Trystan (my brother's first,) into the world! What lucky aunt I am to have 2 new nephews in 2 days! Sadly, my brother lives in Virginia so I haven't gotten to meet Trystan yet, but I'm on my way this weekend to do just that! I'm sure I'll be sharing lots more snuggly baby pictures very soon :)
Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. So much fun....and so blessed! Love the pics!


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