Monday, October 8, 2012

CRAFT: Needle Felted Acorns

Today kicks off a week of felt projects. Yay!  Felt is the perfect medium to capture the crispy air and the warm fuzzy feelings of all the holidays coming up.  Make sure you keep checking back this week for more awesome felt projects!

What better craft supplies are there than natures discarded items?  I find it incredibly hard to resist collecting little acorn hats off the sidewalk.  To me, it's almost like seeing a coin on the ground and not picking it up... what a waste!  So here is a relatively simple tutorial on how to utilize those hundreds of acorn hats you find and can't pass up.  (I say relatively simple because this project resulted in numerous puncture wounds on my poor little finger tips).

The supplies are simple enough... acorn hats, glue gun, some pretty twine, a needle felting tool and some wool roving.

Separate a chunk of wool roving and roll into a knotted ball.  Your loose rolled ball of wool roving should be roughly twice the size of your desired resulting size.

Carefully begin stabbing the wool.. These needles are sharp!

It took me about 20 puncture wounds to think, "Hey, maybe I should use my felting brush!"  The result.. no more injuries!  The only downside is that it gives a fuzzy finish to the wool.

Once you have the desired shape and density, glue your hat on your needled ball of wool and tie a piece of twine around the stem.

This is definitely not a quick project and takes a lot of patience, but I think it is so worth it.

How fun are these?  They're almost addicting to make.  I think if I made enough of them they would look adorable festooned over my fireplace!


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  1. Wow! So cute! I found you through a blog hop and will definitely be back. I hope you'll come share at my Blog Fest:

    1. Thanks Lisa! We will definitely check out your blog!

  2. Ack, those are just about the cutest things EVER! I have some wool roving in my craft stash, but not a needle felting tool... I've used the hot water and soap method before to make little felt balls, so maybe I'll pick up some acorn hats and give this a try. Seriously, too cute!

  3. These are the cutest things I've ever seen! I love it! What a great idea and much better than just collecting acorns out in the yard! I'll be picking up one of those needle felting tools and trying some these. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love I need to learn to
    make...thanks for showing how.

  5. I love your blog! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would stop by my blog and return the favor! ;-)


  6. These are super cute! {So is your blog}

  7. These are just too different, I love them. I always love fall decor. I wasn't sure what a felting tool was but not to worry, I researched it and now I know:)
    I always learn new things by hopping around from all the cool linky parties. I am pinning these to make:)

    Now I am off to follow in as many ways as possible:)

    PS I would love to invite you to share this or any of your other favorite posts at Freedom Fridays Blog Hop. (no rules and live now) Hope you week is fabulous!

  8. Those are adorable. I love all the different colours.

  9. Very cute! I LOVE the project and the pictures are stunning!


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