Tuesday, October 2, 2012

CRAFT: DIY Fold Dyed Garland

I hoard paper bags.  Seriously.  There are so many possibilities for paper bags that the thought of throwing one away sends me into a panic.  The only problem is that I've never actually done anything with the hoard of paper bags that I've hoarded... until last week!  I used this Sprinkle as the perfect opportunity to use some of these paper bags... I'm sure you could probably figure out how to make this just by looking at the photos, but I'm going to break it down anyway.

You will need:
Paper bags
A compass or a glass/bowl to trace
RIT Fabric Dye
A glass or bowl for the dye
An absorbent, but leak proof surface for drying.
Jute rope
Glue stick
1 - Make a circle.. trace a glass or a bowl, whatever size you want or use a compass.
2 - Fold your circle in half.  (Try different folds to get different effects with the dye)
3 - Dip in your fabric dye solution.  (Mix this according to the level of saturation you desire)
4 - Unfold, let dry.
5 - Once dry, apply glue stick to one half of inside of circle
6 - Fold circle over rope and press together until you are sure the glue has bonded
7 - Admire your lovely half circle
8 - Repeat about 40 times for one eye-catching strand of garland.

The result you get is a completely unique party decoration.  It's easy, cheap and looks awesome!  We love cheap things that look awesome!  Can you imagine how great these would look with glitter on them??  I think I might have to make more...

Just in case you missed the post yesterday about the Sprinkle we through, you can check it out here::  Welcome Little Deer Baby Sprinkle

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  1. This is really pretty and a great alternative to the very popular triangular shaped banners. I love that I can coordinate the color to my theme very inexpensively. Thanks Tip Junkie!


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