Wednesday, October 17, 2012

CRAFT: Skeleton Bones Treat Bags (free printable)

After making the Monster Teeth Treat Bags, I kind of got on a treat bag obsession. The problem was, I kept eating most all of the contents. Haley helped me...some, but these "skeleton bones" were just so addictive! There's just something about pretzels and chocolate. Maybe it's the salty/sweet thing? All I know is that I'm not much of a fan of white chocolate, but I ate a whole bag of these in one sitting. And don't the chocolate covered pretzel rods look like skeleton bones?

This was a really crazy easy project and the tags were a lot of fun to make too! All you need to make your own "skeleton bones" treat bags is white chocolate chips (or almond bark), pretzels, vegetable oil, cellophane bags and some staples. And you know I had to give you the tags as a free download :)

I got these cellophane bags from Walmart I think. They're roughly 5 inches wide by 14 inches. They're the perfect size for packaging pretzel rods!

For the "skeleton bones," just melt some white chocolate (thin it out a bit by adding vegetable oil so the pretzels are easier to coat) and cover the pretzel rods in chocolate. Lay on wax paper until dry, then package in cellophane bags and staple the tag on top! So easy and so perfect for handing out to friends as gifts.

You can download my free printable Skeleton Bones Tags by clicking HERE. I made them in 3 different colors for your Halloween enjoyment :) 
Print them on card stock for best results.

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  1. These are super fun! I'll be making these with my boys this weekend :)

  2. We have a kids' Halloween party coming up this year, and I think the kids are just the right age to enjoy these! Thanks so much for sharing!


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