Friday, October 5, 2012

LIVE: Weekly Photo Wrap-Up

 1. "Cooking" with friends 2. Wine and a porch swing
3. Finished a great book! 4. One of my favorite snacks: fluffernutter and chocolate on a Ritz
5. Helping Daddy rake the leaves 6. Shannon's yummy cupcakes
7. Skilo stylin' some Mr. Potato glasses 8. A beautiful sunset

I don't know about you guys, but this week kicked my butt! Between sick kiddos and projects, I'm all ready to sleep in (too bad that's not going to happen anytime soon with a full weekend!) Speaking of sickness, is it just me, or did cold and flu season decide to attack with unusual force since fall began?? We're all on the mend now, but I'm just about over wiping noses (my own included).

This weekend we have plans to visit a local farm to pick apples and do other wonderful fall-ish things. I'm beyond excited to get some real apple cider (not the grocery store kind, blech) and pick up a pumpkin or two. A few years back, I made some toasted, seasoned pumpkin seeds and they turned out AWESOME. I'm really wanting to try it again, but I don't remember the spices I used, grr. Anyone have any good recipes? I'd love to hear your suggestions! I suppose if all else fails, there's always Pinterest, right? :)

Here are the tutorials you may have missed this week:

Next week, we have a fun felt-themed series for you running throughout the week! Make sure you come back Monday to check out all the great posts (including a fun costume idea for Halloween.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. A very busy week indeed :) Great tutorials ladies! And very much looking forward to the felt themed tutorials next week. As for the pumpkin seeds, Rachael Ray's October Magazine issue has a few to look at - Zesty, BBQ, Cheesy, Cinnamon Sugar and Sesame. YUM!!


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