Wednesday, September 19, 2012

CRAFT: Pinch Pot Ring Dish

The idea for this little sucker was Jen's, but she asked me to execute it.  It's so easy and so cheap!  It's a great little accessory to keep near your kitchen sink.

You will need some polymer clay, polymer clay gloss glaze, something to use as a rolling pin, a paint brush, a dish of water, some parchment paper and a colored sharpie.
The size depends on how large you want your dish to be.  I just wanted something tiny, so my chunk wasn't very large.
Dip in the water to help soften the clay.  Depending on the texture of the clay you are using, you may not need this step.

Flatten the edges after you finish pinching by putting the rim face down on parchment paper and tapping gently.
Use a finepoint or felt tip Sharpie to doodle a cute design on your dish.
Most polymer clay bakes at 275 degrees with 30 minutes for every 6mm.
After baking, finish off by coating the dish in the polymer gloss glaze to help keep it water tight.
Yep, I just totally BeyoncĂ©'d the heck out of this project.  You're welcome.

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  1. Hello! I love this fun idea. I also started following you on facebook. I am Angela and my sisters and I also started a blog/business called I love how you are working with your sister!

  2. Very cute idea! Need to start working clay myself..
    Love Ida

    1. Thank you, Ida! Clay is so fun and has so much potential!


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