Friday, September 28, 2012

LIVE: Weekly Photo Wrap-Up

This week we've been busy getting ready for a baby sprinkle we are hosting for our sister-in-law, Lindi.  We are so excited for Saturday to see all of our ideas come together and to sprinkle Lindi and little Flynn with love and gifts.  Next week we will share a few projects we worked on for the sprinkle and share photos of the event, as well.

From Right to Left:  Sparta helping (destroying) with a project, Learning to make paper beads, Reupholstering a vintage chair, Terra Blue chips from JetBlu, Atari wondering why I'm not paying attention to him, Godiva!, 2 future tutorials, the most beautiful sky I've seen all year, and Skilo, looking at me like I'm an idiot.
 If you haven't noticed yet, when I (Shannon) host the weekly photo wrap-up, mine contain a lot of pictures of my animals.  Jen has Haley and Connor... I have Skilo, Sparta and Atari.  They're my babies! 

We hope you guys have an absolutely killer weekend!

Check out our posts from this past week just in case you missed them!


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