Monday, September 17, 2012

CRAFT: Yarn Wrapped Bangles

In case you missed it, we guest posted over at Flamingo Toes a few weeks ago and shared this tutorial for yarn wrapped bangles. You gotta love a good project that costs under $2, right? This is one of those crafts that you can do while sitting on the couch catching up on DVR'd shows. Love those!

SUPPLIES: 1 bangle, 2 packages each of 2 different colors of embroidery floss, glue gun and glue.

ONE: First, put a little dab of hot glue on the inside of your bangle and attach the end of one of your colors of floss.
TWO: Next, begin to tightly wrap your bangle with the floss, pushing the threads close together as you go.
THREE: When you are satisfied with the width of your first color, clip your floss and secure on the inside of your bangle with another dot of hot glue. Attach the end of your second color of floss with hot glue and begin to wrap around your bangle like before, making sure to keep the threads tightly wound as you go.
FOUR: When you reach the end just secure with hot glue and you're done!

How easy was that? Now you have a personalized bangle that you can tailor to any outfit depending on what thread color you choose.

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  1. Those are so cute! I just bought the bracelets at Michael's on sale for 40cents each!!

  2. This is a fantastic project! I love the colors you chose for these bracelets.
    Would you consider linking this up at my Pinworthy Projects Party? I hope to see you there!

  3. We did similar bracelets out of old plastic bottles but yours turned out so much smoother. If you like to have a look at ours we´re at

  4. These bangles make me smile! I want to make them for all my gals pals now. Looks like another trip to the craft store for me :)

    1. They're fun to make! They'd definitely make a great gift for friends :)

  5. Super cute! Love your color choices! I'd love for you to link up your project to Do Something Crafty Friday:

  6. So cute! I love the colors you chose.

  7. What a great idea and they look super cute! Found you on a link party and now I just have to browse some more :).

    xo Hanna

  8. oh these are great, I am wondering if I can use up some other yarn types that are not embroidery floss?

  9. Thanks for linking up to Pintastic Monday last week, you are one of today's features:)

  10. Such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I think I'll make a few with my daughter.

  11. This is really wonderful project. I loved these Wrapped Bangles.

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