Friday, August 2, 2013

LIVE: Phoenix, AZ

Last Thursday I traveled to Phoenix, AZ to visit some friends.  I was in desperate need of some R&R and this trip definitely gave me what I needed.  Even though I chose the absolute worst time of year to go to the desert, I still had a blast and was able to deal with the 107 degrees that smacked me in the face every time we went outside.  And despite the scorching temps, we spent a ton of time poolside!  (My pale white skin was definitely a blatant indicator that I'm from the east coast.) 

I haven't been to the desert since I was 11 years old, so I really took a lot of photos and time to appreciate the natural surroundings that are SO different from what we have here in Pennsylvania.  I wouldn't want to live in the desert, but it was definitely a fun visit. 

The flight there was less than awesome.  It was direct, which was great, but I was seated next to a 3 year old named Pason that insisted on digging in his nose for hours and showing me everything he found up there.  The flight back... was even less awesome because the woman behind me decided to take her shoes off and place them strategically next to my head on the plane wall... and let me tell you... they did not smell pleasant.

Friday, Lauren had to work so I spent the day dog sitting her pug puppy, Penny, and a friend's labradoodle, Lucy.  So much fun!  How stinking cute is she??

I introduced Lauren to the wonderful world of dine-in theaters!  We saw The Conjuring (holy scary, people).  The theater was in this pretty ritzy part of Scottsdale that had some amazing modern architecture.  Of course, I was snapping away. 

More pool time! 

Sunday we had brunch at this amazing place called Richardson's New Mexican Cuisine.  Sooooo delicious!  The atmosphere was to die for! 
The one thing I absolutely loved about the city were the stark mountains that surrounded it on all sides. 

And this is Lauren... love this girl to death and I hate that she lives so far away from me!!

Hope you all have an absolutely awesome weekend!  What kind of fun little trips are you guys planning?  There's so much of the world to see out there!

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