Tuesday, June 25, 2013

MAKE: American Apparel Inspired Wired Head Scarf

Yesterday I was out shopping and my friend Caitlin spotted these "Twist Scarves" at American Apparel.  She fell in love.  Super simple, super cute, super ridiculously priced.  $15 for some fabric with a piece of wire inside of it.  So, naturally, I said "Hey! I can make that!"

And I did!

Seriously, this only took about 10 minutes to make.  I think I'm going to make a ton of them because they're OH-SO-ADORABLE and make great gifts, too!

Fabric - 36" x 8"
Plastic Coated Steel Wire - 18 Gage - 36" piece (plastic coated is a MUST, otherwise the wire will poke through your fabric)
Sewing machine (you could hand stitch, too.. it'll just take a long long time)

Your fabric should be 4 inches wide when folded in half.  I cut a slant on each end, 4" long, 4" tall and gave it an arrow shape.

Sew inside-out, leaving one end up.  Turn inside-out to get the pattern on the outside and slide your wire inside (36").  Sew up the end with the machine.

AND VOILA!  See how ridiculously easy that was?  

I will most likely have one of these scarves to go with every single outfit now.  Enjoy and have a wonderful wonderful week!  We <3 you!

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  1. I LOVE this head scarf!! Thanks for sharing, it's super cute!


  2. The headband looks great, where did you get the fabric?

  3. This looks awesome!!! We would love it if you would link up at our linky party:
    Live every Wednesday to Sunday.
    Hosted by: Parrish @ Life with the Crust Cut Off Dana @ This Silly Girl's Life
    We hope to see you there!

  4. Where did you find the wire? Is this in the jewelry section? hardware? maybe even floral?


  5. Love it! Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. I love the scarf tut! Thank you. Where did you get your shirt? I love it!

  7. Visiting from the TT&J linky party~ This is very cute! Thanks for sharing your step-by-step process! I don't have a sewing machine and I tend to get bored (or frustrated, mostly) sewing by hand I think I will try this out using fusible webbing (if that's the right stuff...?)

    I agree with Kelly ^ Love the shirt :) Have a super week!

    ~ Jessica


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