Thursday, June 13, 2013

Metallic Checkered Planters at The Lovely Cupboard

Hey friends, how are you surviving summer so far? I think school is out for most people by now, and  my kids are already begging to be entertained every minute of the day (thank the good Lord for summer school!) My daughter seems to think that we are millionaires and can afford to go to the zoo, mall, and out to eat every day with each of her old classmates. I need to figure out a way to teach that girl that restaurants don't just hand out food for free if you ask nicely - which is what I spend half the day doing (growth spurt much?)

I'm so thankful to live in a city that has lots of activities for kids, so we have the zoo, strawberry picking (which we did recently - pics soon!), the pool, and tons of parks to go to. That should keep them entertained for a week or two ;) I'm just glad they still nap for me. How's a girl supposed to get anything done without nap time? I don't know how you nap-less parents do it. I think I may lose my sanity the day my daughter goes nap-free.


Here's a quick peek at some cute checkered planters I made to hold succulents and decorate my creative space. I ADORE succulents because I can't kill them! did I ever mention that I have a black thumb? True story.

Please tell me someone else has similarly bad luck with plants? I love the idea of having flowers, I just can't keep them alive. Maybe it's because I don't see the point in buying flowers because, while they're beautiful, they only last for a few short months. Now fruits and veggies are another story altogether because you can eat them. I did try to grow some cucumbers in 2011, but those turned out yellow and disgusting. Maybe I should stay away from fruits and veggies too... 

You can find the full how-to for making these metallic planters over at The Lovely Cupboard today!

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