Friday, June 21, 2013

We Are Loving Right Now - Volume 8 - Cycle Bound Edition

So, you all know that Jen and I both try to stay as active as possible.  We're constantly posting about running and things of that nature.  Now, since the warm weather has finally settled into Pittsburgh, we've been looking for ways to get the entire family active.  What better way than riding bikes?  Even the kids can participate.

I, however, absolutely love going by myself.  We are fortunate enough to have miles and miles of the Montour Trail that wind through the suburbs of North and South Pittsburgh.  I like to hit it after work, when the sun is finally cooling down, pop in my earbuds and just cruise for miles and miles.  There's nothing quite as peaceful as being on a trail in the middle of farm country and the only other people you see are doing the exact same thing as you... appreciating life.

I decided to share with you all some of my fave biking gear (and my dream bike!!).  This is all stuff that I've found to make the biking experience more enjoyable.

1 - Raleigh EVA 4.0 Women's Bike - 2013 - $499 - REI - pretty dreamy for a mountain bike, right??
2 - Oakley Women's Warm Up sunnies - $120 - Oakley - Have them. Love them. Can't live without them.
3 - GNC wellBEing be-HOT Exercise Enhancing Turbopack -  Burn more calories, have more energy. Win/Win!
4 - Life Proof iPhone Bike Bar Mount - REI - Keep your phone right in front of you
5 - Giro Tessa Fingerless Cycling Gloves - Dick's Sporting Goods - No more sweaty, slippery hands on the handle bars.
6 - Quirky Props - Birchbox - In case you need to pull your earbuds out, these suckers keep them from falling off your neck. So handy when you're on a bike!
7 - O2Cool Prism Water Bottle - Amazon - This might be my favorite bike accessory.  I've found when I have a water bottle in my holder, it tends to get covered with dirt and gravel when I'm riding.  I searched high and low to find a water bottle with a mouthpiece that is not exposed.  I finally found this sucker... and even better... it has a water mister included!

The only thing in this round-up that I do not own is the bike.. but I'm working on that!  (Birthday's coming up, y'all!)

Get out there and get active. 

If you want to follow my cycling adventures on The Montour Trail, follow me on Instagram.  I obsessively post photos of the awesome little things I see when I'm out and about.  @svenanzio

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  1. Riding a bike with music on, somewhere with little traffic, sounds like a dream!


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