Friday, May 17, 2013

We Are Loving Right Now - Volume 6 (Mint Madness Edition)

  1.  Seaside Blouse - Anthropologie -I love how flowy and springy this blouse is! With 2 kids, I'm all about comfort - and this blouse fits the bill.
  2. Clover Pant Pattern - Colette Patterns - I love my skinny pants and need this pattern to make some mint ones ASAP.
  3. Terrerium Pendant Necklace - Yellow Owl Workshop for Leif - I'm obsessed with terrariums, and I'd love to add this pretty necklace to my collection.
  4. Marvis Strong Mint Toothpaste - Marvis - This is actually one of the products I sampled recently in my Birchbox. The flavor is wonderfully minty without being too strong.
  5. Revitalizing Eye Roll-On - Simple - This is my new go-to product in the morning when I have puffy, tired eyes. This little roll-on goes on smooth with a cool finish to relieve puffiness and help me feel more revitalized in the morning.
  6. Spring House Fabric - Stephanie Ryan for Moda- I would love to make a dress out of this pretty fabric!

While I was putting together my post yesterday, I realized most of the things I chose had one thing in common - mint! - so I ran with it :) I guess spring has given me mint fever. I just love the color; it's so cool and refreshing!

We've been spending lots of time outdoors enjoying the spring weather (which is something I wasn't able to do as much when we lived in Memphis) but I know that summer is right around the corner. School is ending for my daughter, and I'm trying not to think about what I'm going to do with two very active children under 5 all summer. Yikes.

Happy Friday everyone! We have a few fun festivals we plan on attending with the kids this weekend (and maybe we'll squeeze in some estate saling too.) Hope yours is fabulous as well!

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