Tuesday, May 21, 2013

An Anywhere Dress

I've been looking for a simple, versatile dress for my daughter that doesn't take me hours and hours to sew (I don't know what I'm going to do when my kids give up napping), so when Andrea of The Train to Crazy and Go To Patterns offered to let me try out The Anywhere Dress, I jumped at the chance.

The Anywhere Dress is one of my new favorite go-to dresses for Haley. There are several different options for sleeve length, which makes it perfect for all seasons, plus it has a fully faced neckline so I didn't have to bother with hemming the neckline (yay for laziness!) This was such a quick sew too, and you know I love that. Since this dress is so simple, there's also a lot of room for creative variations. A ruffled bodice, maybe? Color blocking? Oh the possibilities!

I decided to jazz it up a little and add a sash. I simply cut a long strip of black knit fabric and tied it around her waist. I think it dresses it up a little bit.

I actually had plans to use this polka dot fabric for me, but I gave in and let Haley have it for this dress. Oh the things we do for our children :) I think she looks way cuter in polka dots than I do anyway, plus I have some left over, so maybe I'll get around to making myself something one of these days.

She loves her new dress, and so do I! Haley's at the age when she actually appreciates the things I make for her now. When I showed her this dress she asked, "Mommy, did you make it for me?" After I told her yes, she gave it a big hug and asked to wear it right away. Hopefully she feels the same way when she's a teenager!

Photo shoots, on the other hand, are still not her favorite. I'm working on that.

To get your own Anywhere Dress, go HERE.


  1. Gorgeous! The sash looks lovely with the dots!

  2. Awesome...!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow......great!!!

  4. So cute girl and her dress is nice


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