Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meet Beatrix!

I have a new lady in my life and her name is Beatrix, or Bea for short. She is my new Dritz Twin Fit dress form, courtesy of Shannon and my brother-in-law! I have been hunting for a good dress form at every estate sale we visit and I finally found one this past weekend.

The lady who owned her had an amazing sewing room FULL of fabric, notions, and a giant quilting machine in the middle of the room. I could tell by her collection that she really loved to sew, and must have made a living selling some of her work. She she had a little of everything, and I had to take some deep breaths to keep myself from buying all of it. While I was gleefully digging through all the goodies (I snapped up some denim, sweatshirt fleece, and the unicorn ribbon I posted on Facebook) I spotted her in the corner. An adjustable dress form in really good condition, and a size small. It was meant to be.

Shannon is such a thoughtful SIL and got her for me for Christmas. I was so giddy I don't think I shut up about it the entire way home.

Shannon got to name her since she got her for me, so Beatrix it is! I think it's a pretty appropriate name for a dress form, don't you?

She's completely adjustable, which is great because I'm sure I won't be getting any smaller anytime soon :) We found her at the perfect time becuase I've been trying to sew more things for myself lately which has been a lot trial and error because I don't usually sew anything bigger than a 4T. When making clothes for myself, the pattern peices look disproportionate and HUGE compared to the tiny bodices of a 4T.

I actually went to sew Shannon a Flutter Tee recently and ended up sewing her a muu muu because I added wayyyyy too much width to the pattern. Hopefully Bea will keep that from happening again. Either that, or Shannon needs to start really liking muu muus.

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