Monday, April 15, 2013

We Heart Kitsch!

I don't know about you, but I'm a compulsive jewelry hoarder.  I NEVER get rid of jewelry because you just never know if the day will come when it will be in style again or you might just have that one outfit that it will go perfectly with.  When Jen and I were contacted by Kitsch, we were THRILLED.  Aside from being affordable, it is adorable jewelry and hair accessories that you can make work for any occasion.  The best part is that their jewelry is designed to be layered and combined.  Each piece is simple, but eye catching.  You can find their products all over the place!  

These dainty little charm necklaces are perfect for hot summer days when a heavy necklace is just too much for the heat.  They add some sparkly prettiness to any simple outfit without going overboard.

Isn't their packaging awesome??? 

Jen and I both especially adore the Kitsch Hair Ties.  They're absolutely tangle free and perfect for fine, straight hair like mine or thick, curly hair like Jen's.  And they look ADORABLE!  I love the glittery ones so much!  Wearing just a simple pony can get boring, but these add a special little pizazz!  Don't you love Jen's side braid-pony with the blue tie?  Such an amazing look for spring/summer. 

We are both fans for life now! Kitsch has us hooked, for sure. 

**Disclosure: we were given several products free of charge by Kitsch with no expectation of endorsement. All opinions are our own.**

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