Friday, March 8, 2013

PARTY: Flynn Rider Satchel & Rapunzel Braid {Tangled Birthday Party}

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The handmade favors may be my favorite part of the entire party. I thought for a long time about what I wanted to give the kids as a thank you for coming. With a mix of both boys and girls, it was difficult to settle on something I liked that was gender neutral. Instead, I decided to cater to both and make Rapunzel braids for the girls and Flynn Rider satchels for the boys!

To Make Flynn Rider's Satchel:

SUPPLIES: brown felt (1/4 yd is more than enough), brown bias tape, buttons, elastic cord, thread, sewing machine and supplies, glue gun.
ONE: first, cut a rectangle of felt that is 16 inches long and 5 inches wide. Also cut 30 inches of bias tape for the strap.
TWO: fold the bottom of your felt rectangle up 6 inches and sandwich the end of your bias tape under each side. Pin to secure.
THREE: sew a straight line from the bottom of your bag to the top. When you reach the top, lift your presser foot and turn the bag, then sew a few stitches across and down to secure your bias tape. Repeat on the other side.
FOUR: your bag should look like this so far!
FIVE: for your closure, cut a piece of bias tape several inches long, and sandwich the ends of a loop of elastic cording 3 inches long inside.
SIX: pin your bias tape and cording to your bag and stitch around the perimeter to. Backstitch a few times when you reach the elastic to make sure it's secure.
SEVEN: (essential to making sure the satchel doesn't look like a purse!) pick out a button for the bag. You want something with a "boy-ish" feel to it. I found these awesome buttons in my stash and they were perfect for this bag.
EIGHT: hand stitch your button on.
NINE: Flynn Rider's bag has a small scrap on the bottom with hand stitching. To make this, cut a small piece of felt and use a needle and contrasting thread to make a blanket stitch around the side (learn how to make a blanket stitch HERE.) Hot glue the scrap to your satchel. 

To Make Rapunzel's Braid:
SUPPLIES: yellow yarn, thin purple ribbon, packing tape, hot glue, fake flowers.

I feel a little silly posting a tutorial for this because it's so easy, but here it is :)

ONE: I found this golden yellow thread at Walmart. One package was enough to make 10 braids with a TON of yarn left over.
TWO: cut 6 strands of yarn about 36 inches long. tie an overhand knot at one of the ends and tape to a table or other surface.
THREE: separate 2 strands each and braid until you reach the end.
FOUR: using your purple ribbon, tie a bow around the end.

To finish, wrap the braid around the child's head and tie a knot. Hot glue a fake flower over your knot to hide it. Dance around like Rapunzel :)

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  1. I love this! My daughter just got into Tangled. It is such a great movie!

  2. I just looked through all the Tangled party post. Sigh. Love. It is times like this that I wish I had a girl!!! Great job.


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