Monday, March 18, 2013

CRAFT: Micro-Dino Taxidermy DIY

So I have in my living room what my family refers to as my "trophy wall"... even though it's covered with all fake animal heads.  I had some tiny spaces on it that I felt needed filled, so I came up with this to fill that void.

You'll need some plastic animals from the dollar store, some super thin plywood or cardboard, a box cutter, glue gun and paint or spray paint.

First, cut your animal in half.  Fortunately, the ones I bought at the dollar store were ridiculously cheap quality and cut easily.  After it's cut, paint/spray paint it.  I used Krylon's Metallic gold paint.

Next, make your mounting piece by cutting a shape out of your plywood or cardboard and paint it.  Then, glue the head onto the mounting piece with your glue gun.  

Voila!  You're ready to mount!  Just use some doublesided tape (if you don't care about having to repaint the wall when you take it down.)

Unfortunately, my wall is still a work in progress, so I'll be posting photos of the whole thing once it's finished (probably this week).  

This could be a really fun and easy project to do with kids.  I love how sophisticated the gold paint makes the dino heads look!  

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  1. Love it! Adorable for a little boy. Instead of double sided tape....I buy extra Command adhesive strips. You can buy them just about anywhere that sells Command hooks. They are awesome!

  2. Love the shiny gold paint! Those are some elegant dinos you have there :).

  3. These are very fun - I just might have to do this for my Simon since dinos are one of his favorites right now :)

  4. Such a cute, clever project. I'm sure my kiddo would love these. They are now on my must-try list!

  5. Okay, this is very cool. I hadn't ever considered "taxidermy art" before except for the traditional version. Loving it!


  6. New follower. I love all your projects.

  7. I love how this turned out. (And great touch with the gold!)

  8. Wow, I absolutely love this! Coolest little project ever. I am going to send my daughter over for a visit. She will love this. I am visiting from Serenity Now. Have a great weekend! Love, Wanda

  9. I have been seeing a variety of taxidermy DIY's lately and loving the entire process of molding an object to your hearts content. Will definitely have to be trying this soon. Thanks for sharing

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