Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Firmoo Glasses Review (and a giveaway!)

***This giveaway is now over***

Most of you probably don't know this, but I've worn glasses and contacts since elementary school. I still remember the day my mom propped one of her books up on the nightstand and stood me several feet away to see if I could read the title. I failed miserably, and we went out and bought my first pair of glasses soon after. My brother managed to escape glasses and contacts, but I lucked out with perfect teeth and no wisdom teeth (born without them!) See, you're learning all sorts of fun facts about me today!

I won't show you a picture of the first pair of glasses I ever owned, but I will say that they were salmon colored and I'm pretty sure sparkles were involved. Thankfully, my style has come a long way since then but even though the pair of glasses I had been wearing weren't salmon colored or sparkly, they were 7 years old and my prescription was very outdated. That's why I couldn't say yes fast enough when Firmoo offered to let me try out a pair of their glasses for free!

I love how a pair of glasses can instantly upgrade your look! Firmoo has an extensive online store,  including prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses for men and women, so it was really difficult to choose one pair. I'm usually pretty wary of online shopping because I'm not there in person to see the product and try it out, but Firmoo took all the guesswork out of it by offering a virtual try-on system where I was able to upload my own picture to see how the frames looked on my face. I chose this pair and I love them! The shipping was fast and the quality is great. I especially like the matte finish on the pair I chose. Shannon says I have a real "hipster" vibe going on  with them :)

Firmoo recently launched their first pair free program, so you can get your first pair free too (just pay shipping!) And if you're not not happy with the fit or style you chose, glasses can easily be exchanged or refunded. Where else can you get a great pair of prescription or non-prescription glasses for practically nothing?

Now for the giveaway! Firmoo has graciously agreed to give a $30 voucher to 6 of our readers to use toward their designer glasses! So not only could you get your first pair free, but you could also get a voucher for $30 toward a pair of designer glasses! Sweet.

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter widget below. The contest will be open until 12AM on March 29th and the winners will be announced on the blog that same morning. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Those glasses are SWEET, Jen! - an awesome look for ya! Love the giveaway too!

  2. Aaahhh!! I love the glasses!! I would love a pair like that for myself.. Maybe more rectangular/wayfarer-esque. :) They look great on you. Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. I think I'd choose these.

  4. I just heard about this site AND need new glasses! I'd like to try these out:


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