Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Photo Wrap-Up: Snow Days

Snow. We've had a lot of it recently and apparently there's more to come this weekend. I'm one of those wimps who loves how snow looks when it's freshly fallen, but I don't want to get any on me. I blame it on living in VA for most of my life where 1/2 inch of snow got school cancelled.

Those were the days.

This was the first "big snow" my kids have seen. As you can imagine, living in Tennessee previously meant very little snow (if any) so my kids were thrilled to go out and play in it. Well, Haley was anyway. As it turns out, Haley is just like my husband - the two of them were rolling around in the stuff making snow angels. Connor on the other hand sat with me on the sidelines trying to make sure the snow stayed on the ground where it should be, rather than in his socks or gloves. We were both happy with the arrangement until the snowballs started flying and I took one right to the face. I was pretty much done after that :)

How's the snow where you live?


  1. As in true tradition here in southern VA, we only got about an inch of snow last night. Usually school is cancelled with just that 1/2 inch, but only a delay for today. Some sad boys here today...especially since its melting already :(

  2. Yep, I'm in Nashville so not much snow around here - but we got tons of rain this week. I hoping for at least one snow this year!


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