Tuesday, January 8, 2013

CRAFT: Doll Diapers (Absorbent)

If you saw my previous post about the basic doll diapers and thought, "That's a nice idea, but I have one of those dolls that actually eats and wets herself, which is basically like having another kid. Yay." Worry no more my friend, we have one of those too. Meet Baby Alive, more affectionately knows as "Chloe."

Chloe not only talks and has an amazing head full of curls that are becoming very un-curly due to repetitive gnawing by my son, but Chloe ALSO comes with the extra added joy of being able to go #1 AND #2. Felt diapers can't do much about that.

Of course with all of those bodily fluids, Chloe's creators were nice enough to include a pack of tiny diapers for her little bum and the option to buy expensive refills when those run out. While I would just love to spend $10 on a pack of tiny diapers, I decided to make my own absorbent diapers using the same general idea as my basic doll diaper but larger to fit a bigger doll, and of course with added absorption.

SUPPLIES: my free downloadable absorbent doll diaper pattern (this pattern fits larger 18-inch dolls like this Baby Alive doll), flannel, terry cloth (washcloths are perfect if you don't have any terry cloth), disappearing ink marker, sewing machine and basic supplies

    ONE: first, fold your flannel with the right sides together and place your printed pattern on the fold. Trace around it and cut out. Repeat this for a total of 3 pattern pieces, 2 of flannel and 1 from your terry cloth or washcloth. I used an old washcloth and it was the perfect size.

    TWO: stack your layers of fabric as follows: flannel right side up, flannel right side down, terrycloth  (see picture above for reference.) Pin all the way around and sew using a 1/2 inch seam allowance - leave several inches unsewn for turning.

    THREE: clip your corners and turn right side out using a chopstick or other object to push out your corners. Tuck the raw edge of your flannel inside and use a whipstitch or a blind stitch to sew your opening closed.

    FOUR: finally, pin and sew your velcro on. You'll want the loop portion (the scratchy one) of your velcro to be on the outside of your diaper and the hook portion (the fuzzy one) to be on the inside (see picture above for placement.) 

    Now Baby's little bum will stay nice and dry while you're busy feeding her water and expensive fake baby food.

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    1. This is great! My granddaughter got a baby alive for Christmas and loves her. I want to make some of these for her. Unfortunately google docs says there's an error so it won't let me download.

      1. Hi Debbie, I checked the link and it should be working, but if you email me with your email address, I can send you the pdf directly. Email me at eatsleepmake(at)gmail(dot)com

      2. Thank you so much! Just emailed you.

    2. Thank you much. My daughter got a Baby Alive Real Surprises Doll for Christmas. We love it, and she ended up buying some newborn diapers for it, but I really want to try to make these. Thanks so much for the info!

    3. Hi,
      This is super! I just wondered though if you happen to have a smaller pattern available for the smaller Baby Alive dolls?

    4. Could I use microfiber cloth? I think that'd be more absorbant?


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