Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!!

We want to start this new year off right.  Since this is our first new year as eat.sleep.MAKE., we want to share our resolutions with you all so you can hold us accountable!  There's some personal goals and some goals we have together.

Plan 1st international trip
I've been all over the United States, but I've never been off our continent.  I have no excuses, so I'm going to change that.

Do more random nice things
I get too wrapped up in my own life sometimes, so I want to be more mindful that the smallest gestures can make or break someone else's day.  Buying a stranger's coffee behind me at Starbucks or leaving some yummy baked goods on a neighbor's porch for no reason at all...

Play my piano more
I used to play all the time, but I just get too busy... I want to make time for my music again, which leads me to my last personal resolution...

Write a song
I haven't lyrics scribbled here and there, but have never taken the time to put music and words together.  I'd like to actually accomplish that this year.

Touch my toes
I know, weird goal, but I have really tight hamstrings and am trying to stretch more after working out.

Take a photography class

Learn how to pose better for photos.

Run our first 5k
Open our own Etsy shops
Do our first craft show as ESM
Learn a new, fun craft!

What kind of resolutions have you all made for this new year?  We would love to hear them!  We can always add more to our lists if you all inspire us!  We hope you all had a fun and safe new year's eve.  Here's to a wonderful year to come!  Cheers!


  1. Great resolutions - I think my favorite is the opening of Etsy shops :) WOOHOO!

  2. I need to get organized and write a list like this! I totally need to work on touching my toes too :) Can't wait for the etsy shop!


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