Friday, November 2, 2012

LIVE: Weekly Photo Wrap-Up

1. My new nephew, Trystan 2. Some of the Christmas Decorations at Oglebay
3. Enjoying some Octoberfest before it's gone til next year 4. Attempting to sew my first dress

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Due to the hurricane, trick-or-treating for our neighborhood was switched to this weekend, so we'll be out on Saturday peddling our children for candy :) Although the last week has been fuller than full, I don't have many pictures to show for it! I've been allowing myself to take a little break from things, which has been really nice because I tend to go a little overboard with projects sometimes and end up burning myself out. Having some "me time" has been really refreshing!

My husband and I took our first vacation together in over 2 1/2 years this past weekend. We napped. We sat in the hot tub. We ate meals without screaming children. It was glorious. For people who don't have kids, our vacation probably sounds like the most boring vacation ever, but to us it was pure bliss! As much as I adore being with my children each day, everyone needs a break sometimes. It was a good thing I got some rest too, because the day after we got back from vacation, I decided it to switch my almost 2-year-old son to different bottles.

Connor has been using sippy cups with handles for over a year now, and I knew eventually we'd have to switch him to the "bigger kid" sippy cups, especially since we have been gradually misplacing/losing them for the past year. After a trip to the park this past week, we had another sippy cup tragedy when a car ran over one of our last 3 cups. After that, I knew it was time.

Day 1: I introduced the new cup. Connor was obviously thrilled with this new change. He pretty much made this face and cried all day. I had a much-needed drink after he went to bed that night.

Day 2: He continued to eye the new cup suspiciously, but I had a breakthrough when I realized he probably didn't like the newer lids we had because the little plastic stopper was harder to drink from since it hasn't been stretched out yet. I changed the lid to one of the older lids (which happen to be pink and girly because they belong to my daughter) and managed to get him to drink from the bottle once. He still wasn't happy with this and cried for an hour and a half.

Day 3: Success! As you can tell from his expression, he's still not to happy about the change, but I think he realized he has no choice in the matter so he's putting up with it.

I am exhausted, but I feel like I've won a small victory. I'm a little terrified to be starting potty training soon though. We started my daughter at 18 months and she was almost fully trained (except for nights) by 2 1/2. Connor will be 2 next month, so I want to get him started (and be done with diapers for good!) but if switching sippy cups is any indication of how things will go with potty training...well, let's not even talk about that. For now, I'm just going to congratulate myself with some Halloween candy :)

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