Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CRAFT: Leather Leaves Necklace

You can find some hidden treasures at estate sales if you look hard enough (and Shannon is the master of estate sales, check out her 3-part guide to estate saling 101 HERE.) While rummaging through some things in the garage of at a local estate sale recently, I came upon a bag of leather scraps for dirt cheap. They were on a high shelf, sitting unassumingly among odds and ends.  I grabbed them up as soon as I saw them and my mind began to churn with all the possibilities. You can buy bags of scrap leather at Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap, but you can't beat finding a bag of leather scraps at an estate sale for $3!

For my first leather project (ever!) I made this simple fall-themed leaf necklace. It's become my new favorite, I wear it with everything!

SUPPLIES: suede cord, 2 large jump rings, 2 beads, 1 head pin, scrap leather, round nose pliers, wire cutters, and a leather punch or Crop-A-Dile.
ONE: cut out 2 leaf shapes from your leather scraps. Make sure one of the leaves is larger than the other.
TWO: use your punch or Crop-A-Dile to punch a hole in the top of both leaves.
THREE: insert a large jump ring through the holes in your leaves but do not close.
FOUR: place your beads on your headpin.
FIVE: wrap your headpin around your round nose pliers to make a loop, then wrap the end around the pin a couple more times and clip the excess. Insert the loop onto your open jump ring with your leaves and close the jump ring with your round nose pliers.
SIX: string some suede cord through your second jump ring and close it around your first jump ring. Tie a knot in your cord to close.

This necklace is so perfect for fall, and it goes with everything! Have fun playing with your bead colors to personalize it to your wardrobe.

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  1. this is a gorgeous necklace! I love it, and want one! Lovely!

  2. That's a really cute and creative idea. I like it!

  3. What a score on the leather scraps!! Love this cute necklace - the shape is so perfect for fall.

  4. Just a simple but so creative idea, I am loving the leather with the pearls:) Very Clever

  5. That is so pretty, and perfect for fall! I have most of those supplies, so I need to make one for myself. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Very pretty!!! Would make beautiful xmas gifts!

  7. Great idea and so pretty! I love it and already have a pile of thrifted leather to try making it. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  8. I liked your necklace so much I had to make one for myself! Pics at if you want to take a look. FYI - I put a link on my blog back to this post.
    Thank you for the great idea!

  9. I love this idea!!! Thank you for posting it. I do have a question, tho. Why do your instructions say to use only 2 jump rings when you know it will hang crooked? I can see you used 3 on your necklace (in the photo), as what is needed to allow it to hang proper. Or use just 1. And thanks again for this great idea! I think I'll use just 1.


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