Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A New Season + a New Pullover

Well hello again! It's been a whirlwind past two weeks with a new kindergartener, a new pre-schooler, and starting a new job as an assistant teacher at my son's pre-school. Happily, everyone is settling in nicely and most of my nerves are intact lol. It helps that both kids are loving school, especially Haley who bounds off the bus everyday with new stories about what they did that day in kindergarten. It's only been two weeks and she's already learned how to spell several words and repeats them to me excitedly each day. Oh the kindergarten years, when school is carefree and fun. I hope she never loses her love for learning.

While the kids have been in school, I've been busy adding to their fall wardrobes, including making a couple of these awesome Pine Lake Pullovers by Peek-a-boo Patterns (released this past Thursday.) This is a pattern I tested (with no expectation of a blog post), but I just wanted to share because it's become another new fall wardrobe favorite - I even have a couple more in the works for next fall.

This one is made of a fun leopard printed fleece that I found, and a mint colored zipper for a fun pop of color. Haley loves it and, as the temperatures have started dipping into cooler digits lately, she's been wearing it to school almost every morning. She especially loves the kangaroo pocket. Is it just my daughter, or are other 5-year-olds also just as obsessed with pockets at this age? Whatever the case, she loves that she has a place to keep her hands (and some rocks) toasty on crisp mornings.

I've come to grips with the facts that my babies are growing up. I think. No promises that there won't be any tears when Connor starts school in a couple of years (there were a few when I watched my daughter board the bus), but I do love to see how proud they are of themselves when they come home having learned new and exciting things.

Here's to a new season!

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