Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Shannon's Living Room Makeover

I'm a compulsive re-decorator.  In our first house, I painted the living room 4 different colors in 2 years.  I think once, the paint only lasted a month before I decided I hated it.  (It was yellow... NOT my style.)  I felt myself reaching the point of boredom with our calming light blue walls in the living room in our current house and knew it wasn't really our style anyway. 
So, of course, I made a gradual change from light blue... to BLACK.  And let me tell you... I LOVE IT.  I have never loved a wall so much in my life.  I love my black wall and I'm not afraid of who knows it.  Below are the before and after with a few details shots.

We used the Martha Stewart metallic glaze to paint the subtle stripes on either side of the TV.  You can barely notice it unless the light hits it just right.  We also added the black stripe across the mantel shelf.  Our next major project will be to get the fireplace up and running... for which I am extremely excited!

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