Friday, November 15, 2013

9 Handmade Holiday Hostess Gifts

I'm kind of old school... traditional and I believe that when one is a guest at someone's house for a party or a holiday gathering that one should bring a gift for the hostess.  Let's be real here.  We are all 150% aware of the time, effort and sacrifice that goes into throwing even the smallest of dinner parties.  I love showing my gratitude for all that hardwork by giving little gifts.  It may seem small and meaningless to you or someone else, but to that person that slaved away cleaning and cooking and decorating to entertain you... that small gestures of thanks means the world.  

I've rounded up 9 absolutely adorable handmade holiday hostess gift ideas for you.  Some of them take no time at all, but will make such a huge impact!  I really do encourage you this holiday season to show your appreciation for those opening their homes to you.  It's so easy... and so rewarding, too.


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  1. These are wonderful! I especially love the hand stamped towels - awesome :)

  2. Hostess gifts are a must in my book, too. Thanks for this awesome suggestion list!


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