Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DIY Test Tube Vase

So... I have this crazy obsession with scientific equipment at estate sales.  I have a ridiculous amount of beakers that I've scored for ridiculously awesome prices.  So when I found this box of test tubes at an estate sale of a former geologist for a mere $3... I literally did a happy dance.  Seriously, did a jig in the middle of the old stinky house.  (This really isn't a rare occurrence for me when finding something exciting, my husband can attest to that.)

Let me just say this is the first of many projects that will be coming from this box of awesomeness!
Now that's not the only amazing deal involved in this project! That adorable leather belt wrapped around it... I got it at Forever 21 on clearance for a mere $0.25!

You will need:
12 test tubes
Glue gun & glue sticks
Adorable little belt

After cleaning the test tubes, I figured out how I wanted them arranged and then started gluing them together.  Then I used tiny little stick slices to fill the bottoms of the tubes, wrapped the belt around them, and put some little evergreens in so you don't have to use water if you don't want to.  The great thing about the belt is that you can change it to match whatever holiday it is or whatever themed party you are throwing!

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  1. This is really inventive. How in the world did you think of this? I just love to see people's's awesome. Thanks!


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