Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Photo Wrap-Up: Spring Fling

I totally get why some people suffer from seasonal depression. I personally don't, but the onset of all the wonderful spring weather always makes me so much happier and I begin to realize how much I've been looking forward to being outdoors again. I just love all the clean air, budding flowers and rainy mornings. It's a constant reminder of the new life that spring brings each year.

I've been forcing my kids to go outside as much as possible. Actually, they've been forcing me more than anything. From the moment they're up in the morning, they beg to go outside and don't seem to get why the neighbors wouldn't appreciate their loud yelling at 7AM. We've been going for walks, playing at local parks, and just hanging out in the backyard playing hide and seek. It's so cute, Haley is the worst at hide and seek. She makes all kinds of noise when she goes to hide and when she gets impatient, which takes like 10 seconds, she'll tell you where she is. I love it.

Shannon and I have also been looking forward to these warmer evenings so we can run outside to train for the upcoming 5K that we're both running in! If you remember back to our New Year's resolutions post, it's something we both have been wanting to do. It's a first for both of us, so we're excited (and a little nervous!)

How about you, has spring sprung in your neck of the woods? What are you looking forward to?

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  1. Spring has arrived here too :) Actually, feels more like summer. As for what we are looking forward to? Working on a tiny balcony garden with the boys - which they have called "Yoda's Garden".


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