Wednesday, December 19, 2012

CRAFT: Layered & Torn Ornaments


A few weeks ago we guest posted over at Lines Across and shared this easy and fun DIY.  There are so many possibilities with colors and embellishments that it's almost overwhelming! Have fun!!
What you will need:
Bristol Paper
Glue gun & glue
Styrofoam ball
Embroidery floss

One of the things I love about this project is you can customize the colors of it to match any Christmas decor theme.  Mine has hues of pink and turquoise since my Christmas colors are pink, turquoise, white and gold.  

 First:  Paint your sheet of bristol paper with any colors you'd like.  You don't need to get too specific with the actual design.
Second:  Rip it up!  The nice thing about bristol paper is that it's thick, so the edges almost look fuzzy when you tear it.
Third:  Begin gluing your pieces to the styrofoam ball.  Start from the bottom and slightly overlap each piece, winding all the way around and up in a spiral pattern.
Fourth:  Once you reach the top.  Leave a tiny hole where you can see the styrofoam.  Tie a loop of embroidery floss, large enough to fit on the branch of a tree, and glue it in that hole.
Fifth:  Finish spiraling tiny pieces of torn paper around the embroidery floss to hide the glue, the knot and the styrofoam for a seamless finish.

Sixth:  Hang it up!

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  1. very very clever idea, i would like to do that myself.


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