Monday, February 1, 2016

#MICHAELSMAKERS: DIY Faux Marble Tray Using Shaving Cream!!

This month's challenge was "Make It Your Own".  So, what did I do?  I took a craft that my mom does with her preschool class and made it my own. But, even though I turned this fun craft into a classy piece of home decor, this is still a GREAT craft to do with your kids. It's the perfect DIY if you want to get a little messy, but it has an easy clean up and the results are SO cool!  I mean, who would have thought to use shaving cream as a medium to make a marble pattern?

  1. Wooden Tray (this one is actually considered a plaque, but serves my purpose!)
  2. Cardstock
  3. Shaving Cream
  4. Black Ink (or watercolors)
  5. A ruler or a square
  6. A paint brush
  7. Scissors
  8. Paint or stain for your tray
  9. Mod Podge (I chose the dishwasher safe gloss)
  10. Leather scraps
  11. Screws and a drill
  12. A dropper
  13. Tiny jar or vessel to hold ink / paint

1 - Lay down a piece of parchment paper and cover an area the size of your card stock with shaving cream
2 - Use your dropper to disperse your color on top of the shaving cream
3 - Press your sheet of card stock into the shaving cream, moving it about
4 - Peel up your paper and set it on a fresh sheet of parchment paper
5 - Now you are going to squeegie the shaving cream and color off of the paper with your ruler or square

6 - Now I wanted a little more variation with my layers and shades, so I did this a second time, but used a more diluted mixture of ink and water.  If you are using colors, you can do more than one color at a time and forego the repeat

7 - Once you have your pigment on your page the way you'd like, lay it flat and cover with something heavy to keep the edges from curling while it dries

8 - Next, paint or stain your tray while the page is drying
9 - Take your leather scrap and cut two strips to use as handles and screw into sides with a drill and small screws.
10 - Once your page is dry, cut to size and then Mod Podge the heck out of it!  


  1. I love this way of marbling - used it for ages. The only complaint I have is everything still smells like shaving cream. Oh well - can't have everything.

  2. This looks so cool, I must try it out!

    I love your blog and included it on a blogs worth following post on my blog, I hope you don't mind:)


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