Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wild + Free Doggy Hoodie: Iron-On Transfer

Project #2 of my iron-on transfer obsession.. a doggy hoodie for Atari!  I bought this hoodie at American Apparel and just gave it an extra little pizzaz with another doodle I did combined with the ever amazing Cricut Explore One.  I'm very fortunate that my dog actually likes wearing clothes. He's learned to associate clothing with going somewhere special.  This trip really was special because it was Atari's first camping trip ever!

I wanted something covering most of him while we hiked to give critters less furry goodness to jump onto.  Plus, he gets cold very easily and usually needs a jacket or hoodie on when it's chilly at night. So, I decided to make one of his existing hoodies twice as adorable.  (don't judge me, my dog is my child.)

Atari's first experience with a creek was interesting to say the least.  I put him on a rock in the middle of it and left him.  It took him about 10 minutes to muster up the courage to walk very slowly through 1/2 inch deep water to get to the bank.  Needless to say, I'm a horrible dog parent because I just stood there cracking up.

I guess this was his vengeance for my laughing at him and leaving him in the middle of a creek.  He tried for 15 minutes to wiggle out of the hoodie.  Below is the result.  Little booger!

His plan of revenge backfired because he got a bath under a cold spring water pump after the hike ended. 

I will be DIYing some more doggy shirts in the future!  I just think they're too stinking cute!

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