Friday, July 12, 2013

We Are Loving Right Now - Volume 11 - Recipes for the Grill

I absolutely LOVE to grill...well, my husband does the grilling, I just eat the yummy food! Summer is a time to be outdoors and enjoy grilling out with family and friends. Here are a few recipes we rounded up that you can add to your weeknight meals this summer. There are a few foods we included that you already know you can grill, with a couple new ones as well (including a drink - who knew?!)



I personally want to dig into those s'mores. It's not summer until you've roasted s'mores! You all know how addicted I am. I mean, I even made s'more ice cream sandwiches so I could make s'mores without the fire :)
I also wanted to let you all know that we're over at The Sewing Rabbit today sharing a tutorial to make this cute leather accented zipper pouch! Yes, I went and made something else with leather. I can't help myself. Come learn how to make one and say hi!

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