Friday, July 5, 2013

We Are Loving Right Now - Volume 10 (Pinned Faves!)

So, I was going through our pinterest boards today and decided to share with you all my absolute faves that we have pinned!  
1 - DIY A Frame Tent via A Beautiful Mess - I may not have kids, but I'd still build this for myself.
2 - Tortilla & Black Bean Pie - A vegetarian's dream!
3 - California Sandwich via Ezra Pound Cake - um, holy yum.
4 - Wood-Burned Building Blocks via Alisa Burke -I think these would look amazeballs on my mantel!
5 - DIY Dinosaur Serving Dish via Three Little Monkeys Studio - yeah.. this is awesome as crap.
6 - The Green Space Travel Case via Design Sponge - even if you can't get out of the office, you can still grab a little slice of serenity.

We hope you all had an absolutely fabulous Independence Day and that you enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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