Friday, February 1, 2013

Cabin Fever (and Ideas to Beat It!)

1.You've got a sprinkle right there... 2.Dinner 
3.They love each other sometimes :) 4. Playing in the rice table
1.Finger painting 2.How many licks does it take to get to the center of the Blowpop?
3.Candied almonds 4.Biggest glasses ever

We're having some cabin fever at our house, and it's not helping that the weather seems to be confused. Yesterday and Monday it was in the 60's, and today it's snowing. How can I plan for this kind of weather?? One day we're out building snowmen and the next we're in shorts at the park. It's especially confusing for Haley who I have promised to take to the pool in the summer. How do you explain to your 3-year-old that the weather is a little bi-polar lately and while yes, we may be wearing shorts today, that doesn't mean it's summer yet because it's actually winter and it's supposed to be 27 and snowy tomorrow?


My kids are very active (they take after me, I can't sit still!) While that's great and all, a trip to the gym isn't exactly their idea of a good time. We've done finger painting, movies, made homemade playdough...but I'm starting to run out you guys. I may be crafty, but can I make a confession?

I suck at coming up with creative activities for my young children. Like, big time suck at it.

I only became a first time stay-at-home mom as of this past summer. Before that, my husband and I were very blessed to have on-site childcare at our office, so we were able to work while someone else watched our kids (and we got the added bonus of seeing them whenever we wanted to.) Now that I'm home full time, I'm finding it really difficult to come up with activities for two very active children under 5. So what am I to do? Go to Pinterest of course.

Here are some resources I found for indoor activities for those of us with bored kiddos:

 Snow painting at Really Quite Lucky (OK, this is an outdoor activity, but how fun is this?)

Just a few of the many ideas out there to beat the winter blues. Hopefully some of the ideas will help you (and your kiddos) stay sane this winter!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Aww...we are having the same weather issues too. One day its snow/ice, the next it was 75! and this morning- snow flurries. As for finding things to do with the kiddos, these look great! You could also have "cooking time" with them - I try to pick snacks/lunch/sweet treats that the boys can help make. They love helping - and it makes my sweet, yet picky eater Simon, try more foods. :)

  2. I used to make my own play dough and goopy stuff all the time with my siblings ;)



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