Sunday, November 1, 2015

Michaels Makers Dream Tree Challenge 2015

It's that time of year again!  Nope, not Halloween.  Nope, not Thanksgiving.  It's time for the annual Dream Tree Challenge with Michaels!  **cue applause**

Last year, my tree was dripping with faux taxidermy and tartan plaid.  I adored it!  This year, I'm sticking with the rustic theme, but I wanted something more natural, more earthy this time.  I thought, "If I lived in the middle of the woods and had no access to a store, how would my tree look?"  

Well, this is what I came up... and let me tell you, this is the first time ever a tree I've decorated has given me goosebumps.  I decided to put this up at my brother and sis-in-law's new house.  The kiddos helped and it was such a blast.  I know they will enjoy having the tree up for a few months.

For the tree skirt we went with mother earth's natural ground cover and used moss.  I love love love the way it looks!  For the topper, I used leaves and feathers.  

Everything on this tree was bought at Michaels.  (except for the pine cones, which were bought at an estate sale.)

Most everything is found in the floral section.  Browse it HERE!
And in case you don't have a tree and need one, you can get free shipping at Michaels!  Go here...

I really hope you find some inspiration here for your own tree.  If you need some extra, check out the 49 other AMAZING Michaels Makers for some more awesome ideas.  Merry Christmas my friends!

Of course, it's Halloween weekend, so a nephew dressed as a puppy just HAD to photobomb the tree.  That's okay.  I think he makes it look even more awesome!

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful, Shannon - so earthy and almost feels like it's in motion with all those cascading elements!!!


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