Thursday, October 1, 2015

#MichaelsMakers - The Incredible Mounted Cat-Moose Costume DIY

The Incredible Cat-Moose Costume DIY #MichaelsMakers

So you all know me... you know I'm a cat lady.  Not quite crazy yet, but steadily approaching, I think. When the #MichaelsMakers challenges are posted, most of the time I immediately think of something insane I can make for my cats.  Well, this month's costume challenge was no exception!  I decided to turn my cat, Skilo, into a whimsical jackelope type creature... hence, I present to you Cat-Moose.

As you can see, Skilo loves me.  You can see it all over his face.  See...  That look says, "Mom, I love you, my life is better because of you and these antlers you've crafted with love for my adorable head." I know you're all dying to know how to make your own Cat-Moose or, dare I say, DOG-Moose... so let's get to the tutorial!

The Incredible Cat-Moose Costume DIY #MichaelsMakers

This is no sew - of course!  You will need:
Card Stock
Faux Wood Grain Paper
Glue Gun
Paint Pen/Chalk

The Incredible Cat-Moose Costume DIY #MichaelsMakers
First and foremost, you have to sketch out your moose antlers.  Cut them out of cardstock, then use that as your stencil for the felt.  Make sure to leave about 1/8 inch between your chalk line and stencil because the card stock is going in between the two pieces of felt to give it some structure.  You want 2 sides for each antler (obviously).

The Incredible Cat-Moose Costume DIY #MichaelsMakers

Next, cut strips of felt about 3 inches long an as wide as the base of your antlers... you want 4 strips.  Glue one strip to each antler piece (about 1 inch overlapping).  Once that is done, glue the card stock and the 2 antler pieces together.  

The Incredible Cat-Moose Costume DIY #MichaelsMakers

Now you want to cut the band that will go around your pet's head.  Mine is about 1.5 in wide.  Find the center of it and cut 2 slits the width of the base of your antlers, about 1/2 inch apart.  Fit the flaps at the end of your antlers through the cut.  You will then fold it out and glue to the under side of the strap, then fold it up over the top and do the same.  Where the strip meets the antler, reinforce it with hot glue to make sure the antlers stand upright.

The Incredible Cat-Moose Costume DIY #MichaelsMakers

Next, make your plaque!  I cut mine out of card stock first then layered the faux wood grain paper over top.  Once that was done, I attached the antlers with a strip of felt and hot glue.

There you have it.  Now all you need to do is stick your pets head through the hole and you have a whimsical creature as a pet!

The Incredible Cat-Moose Costume DIY #MichaelsMakers

The Incredible Cat-Moose Costume DIY #MichaelsMakers

The Incredible Cat-Moose Costume DIY #MichaelsMakers

Can we give props to my Mum for modeling with my kitten??  

When I'm having a bad day, I put the antlers on my cats and just laugh hysterically at their expense.  Does that make me a bad person?  I think they secretly like it.

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  1. Gah! Shannon! Your cat and I should probably go trick-or-treating together in our matching costumes!

  2. This is hilarious! I Love it!

    1. Yeah I was pretty much crying the entire time I was taking pictures of him. lol


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