Monday, October 6, 2014

Two Art Caddy Totes

Have you heard of the Friday Fiver over at Crafterhours? Every Friday, the ladies at Crafterhours host a deal for a different product or pattern that you can snag for just $5 for one day only. They've had some amazing steals (many of which I snagged myself), and I've found myself eagerly clicking over each Friday to see if the Friday Fiver has been posted yet. If you're not a Crafterhours blog stalker every Friday (at least), you need to be!

A little over 2 weeks ago, the Friday Fiver deal was for the Art Caddy Tote by Gingercake. When I first clicked on it, I thought "cute pattern!" and clicked away. But one look at the jumbled war zone that is my kids' collection of art supplies, and I quickly clicked back over and added that baby to my cart. I needed all those pockets. And there are plenty!

I purchased supplies to make two caddies simultaneously, one for my son and one for my daughter. I'm the kind of person who likes instant project gratification, a.k.a. a project I can finish in a day, and I could tell this pattern was going to take a few days and after finishing one, I probably wouldn't want to make another for a very long time lol.

With a smidge of guidance, I let my kids choose the fabric themselves. I wanted them to really love their new caddies and make them their own since they'd be carting around all of their stuff in them. The fabric all came from my favorite local Jo-Ann Fabric, where I spend at least 3 days out of the week - I work out in the same shopping center where a Jo-Ann Fabric is conveniently located, so it would be a shame not to visit, right?? ;) The ladies there all know Connor and his favorite candy (I bribe him so I will have a happy shopping experience - thanks Skittles!)

My favorite thing about this pattern is the many, many pockets. I really stuffed these caddies full, and they held up without a problem and with room to spare.

We are definitely a maker family, if you can't tell by the pictures. At one point while filling my daughter's caddy, I thought I had run out of room for all. the. markers. But then I turned the bag around and found I had forgotten an entire pocket. Problem solved!

She loves having a bag that holds all of her coloring supplies, as well as scissors, glue, and every other odd and end that previously cluttered up her room.

Connor got a decidedly less girly bag :) He chose monsters, which I absolutely adore. I love that he finally has his own opinions on what patterns, colors, etc. he prefers.

I finished these bags just in time for a long road trip that we're going to be taking for a friend's wedding. These are going to be a perfect distraction for the long trip ahead!

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  1. Awesome bag! I really find these super fun - I so wish I had one when I was little. Maybe I will make one for each of the boys. Perhaps Star Wars fabric?


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